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Vuo Nodes

Custom nodes and subcompositions for use with Vuo.

Available Nodes

  • Assign Name to Layer – Sets the name of a layer (only operates on top level layer).
  • Convert Layer to SceneObject – Converts a Layer to a Scene Object.
  • Convert 3D Object to Layer – Converts a 3D object to a Layer.
  • Decimate Events – Allows only one event per-X number of events through. Useful to siphon data down to samples every X number of events.
  • Read Text File – Read all text from a file.
  • Average List – Keeps a rolling average of list values. Handy for smoothing rapidly changing data.
  • Get List Bounds – Find the minimum and maximum values of a list.
  • Get Mesh Values – Get the elements that compose a mesh (vertices, triangles, textures, etc). This will recurse through a sceneobject graph and fetch all elements.
  • Make Mesh with Values – Create a new mesh with elements.
  • Make Normals Line Mesh – Creates a new line segment mesh where each line is a position and normal debug line.
  • Make UV Line Segments – Creates a list of VuoPoint2d lines that can be used to render the UV graph for a mesh.
  • Make Triangle Image – Creates a plane with vertex colors stored in the tangents array. Use only with custom shader that accepts tangents as colors.
  • Get 3d Object Local Transform – Get the transform of a sceneobject. As the name implies, this transform does not take hierarchy into account.
  • Make Shader with GLSL – Create a VuoShader from vertex and fragment source text. Use with Make Shader Uniform to pass data to the fragment shader.
  • Make Graph – Create a simple bar or line graph from a list of real values.
  • Make Shader Uniform – Create a uniform variable to pass to a GLSL shader.
  • Text Contains – Returns true if text contains value, false otherwise.
  • Get Date and Time – Get the system date and time.
  • Frames Per Second – Keeps a rolling average of deltas. Usually you should use with a window node's Requested Frame Output port.
  • Generic Slider – Scales a value from 0-1 to range of min/max.

Vuo Subcompositions

Requires Vuo 1.2 or greater

  • Render UV Image – Create an image of an object's UVs.
  • Show Object Normals – Create a 3d object that renders a model's normals.
  • Show Wireframe – Adds a wireframe to the sceneobject.

To Use

Place the co.parabox.nodes.vuonode & all .vuo files (found in the bin folder) in your User Modules folder: ~/Library/Application\ Support/Vuo/Modules/.

The easiest way to find this folder to to open Vuo, then select Tools > Open User Modules Folder.