Complete listing of accessibility related lawsuits and settlements
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This is the list of lawsuits I have on my website located at List of Web-Accessibility related litigation and settlements.

To view the raw list in HTML format go to

You can also embed the HTML file in your site as an i-frame:

<iframe src="" title="List of web accessibility lawsuits"></iframe>

Repository Contents

This data is as current and complete as I can make it as of the last commit date. Be aware that some links may be dead. For instance, the NFB changed something on their site in the last few years that broke a bunch of links. News sites frequently and inexplicably break links as well. Rest assured that at some point in time I've personally verified every single one of these lawsuits. For greater accuracy, there's always Pacer, in cases where the lawsuits were filed in a federal court.

This data only focuses lawsuits surrounding the accessibility of website/ web-based systems and only where there was public information available. I cannot and will not disclose information that's not available to the public.


Contributions welcome. Please follow common conventions for contributing:

  • Create an issue
  • Fork the repo
  • Create your branch, write code, and issue a Pull Request that addresses the issue you created.
  • PRs will be merged if they contribute improvements to code, new content to the lawsuites CSV, and do not break Grunt tasks.

Contributing lawsuits and settlements:

The CSV file is now the single source of truth for the lawsuit information!

It is located in /src/lawsuits.csv. If you want to add new cases, all you need to do is edit that file.