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Solarized - mintty settings

This is a Solarized color scheme for Mintty, contributed by Karlin Fox.

See the Solarized home page for screenshots and more details, as well as color schemes for other applications. To contribute or file bug reports or issues, please visit the GitHub repo for this port, or the main Solarized repository.

Installation (using shell script)

Source one of the shell scripts in your environment. For example, you might put this in your .bashrc file:

source ~/git/solarized/mintty-colors-solarized/

For more information about changing colors in mintty, see

Installation - alternative method (using .minttyrc)

Put one of the dot files (.minttyrc--solarized-dark or .minttyrc--solarized-light) into your ~/ directory and rename the file into .minttyrc. If you already have an existing file called .minttyrc then append contents of one of the provided files to your local version. If you chose this method then the first method (using shell script) is not required.