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Karl's home wireless sensor network
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Carambola2-mrf24j40 breakout

Now just to get the software working....
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Hi! This is the karlnet source tree.
karlnet consists of nodes, which are (normally) battery powered sensor devices, transmitting data at some
interval back to a base station.  The base station handles decoding the binary wire formats, and posts all
the data onto a stomp message bus topic. (the base station is a data producer)  Then any consumer that
wishes, simply subscribes to the topic, and receives all data from the network, from the minute the

common - headers and things for packet definitions, etc
producers - software that can produce data to stick into karlnet, (xbee receiver)
consumers - software that makes use of karlnet data (rrd, webpages, etc)
nodes - firmware that runs on the wireless nodes, and the cad files for each node
eagle - shared files for eagle cad (part libraries)
experiments - uncategorized, or incomplete projects.

python dependencies:
 * Stompy:
 * python-usb v1.x (you'll have to uninstall 0.4.x, or fiddle with sys.path)
 * python-jsonpickle
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