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Cleaning up and amending the README

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@@ -3,18 +3,19 @@ Hide
Search for [Jekyll]( websites.
-Implemented for the <> website.
+Implemented for the <> website, may be useful for others.
1. Install [ElasticSearch](
-2. Install the required gems: `bundle install`
+2. Clone this repository: `git clone git://`
+3. Install the required gems: `bundle install`
-Clone the repository, such as:
+Clone the repository containing the Jekyll website, such as:
git clone
@@ -30,5 +31,10 @@ Run the following Rake tasks:
rake index:import HIDE_WEBSITE=/path/to/the/cloned/website/repo
There's also a server serving as an endpoint for [Github post-receive hooks](
+You can run it as any Rack application, for example:
-TODO: explain how to launch it. eg. bundle exec rackup
+ bundle exec thin -R start
+[Karel Minarik](

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