@karolbe karolbe released this Feb 29, 2016 · 1 commit to master since this release

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New in this version:

  • "Add External Docbroker" in the login window. In this way it is now possible to add a docbase from a different docbroker than defined in dfc.properties. It is also possible to add docbases even without dfc.properties. All without quitting and starting up repoint again.

As usual missing DFC libraries have to be added to plugins/com.documentum.dfc_0.1.0.201602291959/lib

Following libraries have to be added:

├── All-MB.jar
├── bpmutil.jar
├── ci.jar
├── collaboration.jar
├── configservice-api.jar
├── configservice-impl.jar
├── DDS.jar
├── dfcbase.jar
├── dfc.jar
├── DmcRecords.jar
├── dms-client-api.jar
├── messageArchive.jar
├── messageService.jar
├── subscription.jar
└── workflow.jar