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NIPS papers pretty html

This is a set of scripts for creating nice preview page (see here: ) for all papers published at NIPS. I hope these scripts can be useful to others to create similar pages for other conferences. They show how one can manipulate PDFs, extract image thumbnails, analyze word frequencies, do AJAX requests to load abstracts, etc.


  1. Clone this repository git clone

  2. Download nips25offline from and move it into the folder created in step 0

  3. Make sure you have ImageMagick: sudo apt-get install imagemagick

  4. Run (to generate top words for each paper. Output saved in topwords.p as pickle)

  5. Run (to generate tiny thumbnails for all papers. Outputs saved in thumbs/ folder)

  6. Run (to generate paperid, title, authors list by scraping NIPS .html page)

  7. Run (to create allpapers.txt file that has all papers one per row)

  8. Run python -f allpapers.txt -k 7 --alpha=0.5 --beta=0.5 -i 100 . This will generate a pickle file called ldaphi.p that contains the LDA word distribution matrix. Thanks to this nice LDA code by shuyo! It requires nltk library and numpy. In this example we are using 7 categories. You would need to change the nipsnice_template.html file a bit if you wanted to try different number of categories.

  9. Generate the abstract files inside abstracts/ folder using Some user interaction may be necessary because of poorly formatted papers that make abstract extraction a pain. See script.

  10. Finally, run (to create the nipsnice.html page)


WTFPL licence