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State package for Laravel

This laravel package allows to store a certain application state in either the session or inside a cache.


Run composer require karriere/state to install this package.


To enable the package you need to reference the StoreServiceProvider class inside your config/app.php file in the providers section:

'providers' => [

To store the application state you create a state object and store it:

$state = $stateFactory->build('state-name', ['key' => 'value']);

// pass on $state->identifier()

In a later situation where you have the state identifier you can access the states data by:

$state = $store->get($identifier);

if(!$state->isEmpty()) {
  // use either $state->collection() or $state->raw() to access the state data


To install the configuration file you simply use:

php artisan vendor:publish


  • storage: session|cache
  • storage-prefix: prefix that is added to the store identifier
  • expires-after: defines the expires after time in seconds, only used for CacheStore


Apache License 2.0 Please see LICENSE for more information.