DCCT Tools front-end via Bash & Zenity, by Kartojal.
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DCCT Tools front-end for Linux Distributions via Bash & Zenity, by Kartojal. Thanks to DCCT and Mirkic7 for the binaries!


  • Simple front end
  • Dependencies: bash, lxterm, zenity, mdcct
  • Choose a DCCT tool from the list, and follow the windows to run it.
  • Plot supports SSE4 and AVX2 by Mirkic7.
  • Optimize plots with only selecting the plot file.


# git clone this repo and Mirkic7 mdcct repo
git clone https://github.com/kartojal/dcct-gui
git clone https://github.com/Mirkic7/mdcct

# go to mdcct directory and compile
cd mdcct

# copy the generated binaries to dcct-gui directory
cp mine mine_pool_all  mine_pool_share optimize plot plotavx2 ../dcct-gui

# go to dcct-gui directory, and launch dcct-gui script
cd ../dcct-gui
bash dcct-gui