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Norgeskart version 3

The content of and this repository is available under the following licenses:

The solution uses web services from Kartverket which are subject to their own licenses (mostly CC-BY 3.0 Norway) and the Norwegian Geodata law. See for the license terms and for details on the web services.


1. Install nodejs, make sure you can run the commands "node" in your preferred command line    
2. Install $ npm -g install grunt-cli karma
3. Install ruby and compass to build scss
    3.1 Install ruby 1.9.3
    3.2 Add ruby executables to your PATH 
    3.3 Verify that the command "ruby -v" outputs the ruby version in your terminal
    3.4 run "gem update --system"
    3.5 run "gem install compass"    
4. Run "npm install" on the command line from within the fetched directory
5. Build and run unit tests with "grunt default"


At a high level, the structure looks roughly like this:

  |- grunt-tasks/
  |- karma/
  |- src/
  |  |- app/
  |  |  |- <app logic>
  |  |- assets/
  |  |  |- <static files>
  |  |- common/
  |  |  |- <reusable code>
  |  |- less/
  |  |  |- main.less
  |- build.config.js
  |- Gruntfile.js
  |- module.prefix
  |- module.suffix
  |- package.json

What follows is a brief description of each entry, but most directories contain their own file with additional documentation, so browse around to learn more.

  • karma/ - test configuration.
  • src/ - our application sources. Read more »
  • build.config.js - our customizable build settings.
  • Gruntfile.js - our build script.
  • module.prefix and module.suffix - our compiled application script is wrapped in these, which by default are used to place the application inside a self-executing anonymous function to ensure no clashes with other libraries.
  • package.json - metadata about the app, used by NPM and our build script. Our NPM dependencies are listed here.
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