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major TODOs
* when feeding: overwrite existing! use idField
* feeding via HTTP
* range queries
* better scoring (with tf = min(4,tf))
* is there really no common way to improve the speed of iterating over an hash ala Java:
for(var key, value in hash.entries) { }
support fq param
when querying solr index: convert <date>...</date> to Date instance
parse date when feeding convert to long/Date? /SECOND /MINUTE !?
FATAL ERROR: CALL_AND_RETRY_2 Allocation failed - process out of memory
Sun Oct 31 2010 22:22:04 GMT+0100 (CET)| {"start":"30000","q":"","wt":"json","rows":"1000"} returned 1000 documents. feeding time:0.157 total:4718030 RAM:351.11147689819336 MB
Sun Oct 31 2010 22:23:02 GMT+0100 (CET)| {"start":"31000","q":"","wt":"json","rows":"1000"} returned 1000 documents. feeding time:1.751 total:4718030 RAM:372.17225646972656 MB
=> 5-6 KB for 1 doc !?
call gc explicitely! increase available RAM!?
measure RAM usage + qtime when load testing
regular refresh via F5 -> only first result differs
range query date:[NOW-8HOUR TO *]
create a filter cache. keys als "date:[mySpecialFilter]" values ala DocBitSet (docs that fullfill the query)
search in AND-results via doc.field.indexOf("x y z") when querying "x y z" (query with "" !)
npm install jsii
js twitter clients
* solrj does not have a JSONResponseParser yet:
but XMLResponseParser can be used !
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