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Eddystone Beacons Using nRF24l01+ and ATTiny

Create Eddystone Beacons for the Physical Web using nRF24l01+ radio modules and simple ATTiny microcontrollers. Broadcast up 12 byte encoded URLs and/or Eddystone-TLM.

Eddystone Beacon in iOS Notification Center


The Makefile currently includes configuration for ATTiny44 and an USBasp programmer.


BLE Service Advertisements

BLE service advertisement packets have the following format (here is a great overview):

Preamble 1 byte | Access Address 4 bytes | Payload 2-39 bytes | CRC 3 bytes

where Payload:

Header 2 bytes | MAC Address 6 bytes | Data <= 31 bytes

The non-connectable undirected advertising packets use the following values:

  • Preamble is 0xAA
  • Access address is 0x8E89BED6
  • PDU header:
    • PDU Type ADV_NONCONN_IND or 0b0010
    • Payload length
  • PDU MAC Address
  • PDU Data
    • Advertisement Flags (3 bytes)
    • Advertisement Services Header (4 bytes)
    • Advertisement Frames (the actual Eddystone frame)
  • CRC

Using nRF24l01+ for BLE

Turns out the nRF24l01+ uses the same modulation scheme and frequencies as BLE. The ShockBurst packet format is also very similar to the BLE advertising packet format:

Preamble 1 byte | Address 3-5 byte | Payload 1-32 byte | CRC 1-2 byte

By using a 4 byte address and disabling the automatic CRC we're able to send a BLE advertising packet, however the 32 byte payload is reduced by 18 bytes:

  • 2 byte PDU Header
  • 6 byte MAC Address
  • 3 byte Advertisement Service Flags
  • 3 byte CRC

which leaves us with 18 bytes for the actual Eddystone frame payload.


Eddystone defines the structure of the Eddystone frames. For example, the Eddystone-URL frame contains the following:

Data Length 1 byte | Data Type 1 byte | Eddystone Service UUID 2 bytes | Frame Type 1 byte | TX Power 1 byte | URL Scheme 1 byte | Encoded URL 1-17 bytes


  • Data Type "Service Data" is 0x16
  • Eddystone Service UUID is 0xFEAA
  • Frame type for Eddystone-URL is 0x10
  • TX power is the received power at 0 meters in dBm and the value ranges from -100 dBm to +20 dBm to a resolution of 1 dBm
  • URL Scheme is 0x03 for https://, for example
  • Encoded URL

With 6 bytes used for the frame header we're left with only 12 bytes for the actual encoded URL. We're also able to broadcast the Eddystone-TLM frame which requires exactly 14 bytes.

Notes on nRF24l01+ SPI Commands

  • Every new command must be started by a high to low transition on CSN. In parallel to the SPI command word applied on the MOSI pin, the STATUS register is shifted serially out on the MISO pin.

  • We use the regular or non-Enhanced ShockBurst packet format which allows disabling the automatic CRC. Set the register EN_AA = 0x00 and ARC = 0 to disable Enhanced ShockBurst. In addition, the nRF24L01+ air data rate must be set to 1Mbps or 250kbps. Set EN_CRC = 0 to disable the automatic CRC.


Kaspars Dambis based on the work by Dmitry Grinberg described in Faking Bluetooth LE.


Eddystone BLE beacon using nrf24l01+ and ATTiny



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