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# The name of the project = drupal-jenkins-demo
# The version of Drupal for the project - 6 or 7
drupal.version = 7
# The install profile to use
drupal.profile = standard
# The drupal.uri, needed if you want to run the tests.
# Ex: drupal.uri = http://localhost/drupal7
drupal.uri =
# Should we update the RewriteBase directive in .htaccess?
# Ex: drupal.rewritebase = /drupal7
drupal.rewritebase = /
# The directory containing the modules and themes for the project relative to the drupal root directory
project.code.dir = sites/all
# A common prefix for modules developed for the site e.g. your_prefix_your_module
project.code.prefix = token
# The names of other modules and themes developed for the site seperated by whitespace
project.code.custom = token
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