Cards like layout with horizontal scroll.
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Cards layout with horizontal scrolling

Display a set of cards and user can swap horizontally to use it.


Screen cast

How to use - Option 1

  • Download the Swift Code folder on you Mac
  • Open Cards_Layout.xcodeproj
  • Run it

How to use - Option 2

  • Suppose you already have a project
  • Copy the ViewController, elements from Story board and supporting files
  • Put it in your project and done.


This sample is only for iphone. Can be extended for any IOS device.

#Secret Sauce So if you see the code its pretty simple.

  • We take a CollectionViewController
  • Change its property to scroll horizontally.
  • Remove the scroll bars
  • Resize the cell to fill the screen
  • Next to give the card swap like feature check the code in scrollViewWillEndDragging where i am recalculating the cell to display based on the amount of drag.
func scrollViewWillEndDragging(scrollView: UIScrollView, withVelocity velocity: CGPoint, targetContentOffset: UnsafeMutablePointer<CGPoint>) {
        let pageWidth:Float = 310 + 25;
        let currentOffSet:Float = Float(scrollView.contentOffset.x)
        let targetOffSet:Float = Float(targetContentOffset.memory.x)
        var newTargetOffset:Float = 0
        if(targetOffSet > currentOffSet){
            newTargetOffset = ceilf(currentOffSet / pageWidth) * pageWidth
            newTargetOffset = floorf(currentOffSet / pageWidth) * pageWidth
        if(newTargetOffset < 0){
            newTargetOffset = 0;
        }else if (newTargetOffset > Float(scrollView.contentSize.width)){
            newTargetOffset = Float(scrollView.contentSize.width)
        targetContentOffset.memory.x = CGFloat(currentOffSet)
        scrollView.setContentOffset(CGPointMake(CGFloat(newTargetOffset), 0), animated: true)

Catch here though is the pageWidth calculation which should match to the viewcontroller image

Discuss about it here: