Econda and Google Analytics tracking for OXID eShop CE / PE / EE
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OXID Tracker by WEA IT-Solutions

WEA IT-Solutions OXID Tracker

This is an oxid 6 module implementing econda tracking (emos3) and google tracking.

Module settings and possibilities

Using the backend you can configure some settings.

  • GDPR settings to Opt-in or Opt-out for econda tracking.
  • Use your own name for the emos javascript library file.
  • Use either "oxarticles.oxid" or "oxarticles.oxartnum" to track the product number.
  • Econda extended order tracking using econda's data model template.
  • Google Analytics enhanced ecommerce tracking for orders and product views.

Module installation via composer

In order to install this module using composer run the following command in your shop base directory where the shop's composer.json is placed.

composer require wea/wea-tracker


emos3 lib

Place your emos3.js library provided by econda into "out/js/emos3.js"

Flow theme templates

Using flow theme structure the following smarty "block"

[{block name="wea_tracker"}][{/block}]

has to/can be placed e.g. in the following templates of your theme (if your theme is using the flow theme structure):

  • page/checkout/basket.tpl
  • page/checkout/order.tpl
  • page/checkout/thankyou.tpl
  • page/account/user.tpl
  • ...
  • ..

For the full list see metadata.

P.S.: Do not forget to add yor extended templates to the 'onDeactivate' function to reset template cache.

Non standard theme structure

If your theme has a different template structure you have to extend the metadata for your needs.

Tracking options

This module supports three tracking mehtods:

  • Track always all users.
  • Track users with their permission only (opt-in).
  • Track all users until they opt-out from tracking.

To use the opt-in or opt-out tracking method you have to change the module settings using the oxid backend.

  • The opt-in tracking is looking for the "wea_tracking_optin=1" cookie, if this cookie is missing no tracking will be performed.
  • The opt-out tracking is looking for the "wea_tracking_optout=1" cookie, if this cookie is set no tracking will be performed.

These cookies can be set up using e.g. javascript (hint: cookie permission layer).