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HMRC MTD VAT bridging / soft landing software
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Basic MTD VAT Bridging Software, uses HMRC API’s to;

  1. Retrieve VAT obligations
  2. Submit VAT return
  3. View a VAT return
  4. Retrieve VAT liabilities
  5. Retrieve VAT payments

Bridging software for users who use a spreadsheet for accounts, the following spreadsheets are supported;

  1. Microsoft Excel
  2. WPS Office
  3. Open Office
  4. Libre Office
    The spreadsheet must include the defined worksheet template.

This is a standalone application for Windows (7,8,8.1,10 x32 and x64), no installation required.

The HMRC have made provision for a 'Soft Landing Period', during this period manual VAT returns can be carried out. KVAT allows manual data entry to the 9 boxes during this period (no spreadsheet required). When the soft landing period expires (01/04/2020) it will not be possible to carry out manual returns, KVAT will continue to work as bridging software for the supported spreadsheets.

It is possible to test/try out KVAT using the HMRC test site before connecting to your live account.

This product is distributed as Freeware, no sign up or registration required.

This is a HMRC approved product for MTD VAT

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