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Memories which vanish
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See it live:

Memories which vanish. Live message board, in the spirit of early anonymous message boards, like and Kareha.

staticfuzz in action

Someone's working on a port of Staticfuzz for Google App Engine.

Why use?

  • Memories only ever exist in memory (RAM)
  • Optionally, you can easily use a persistent database
  • Memories streamed live, asynchronously, with server-sent events
  • Easy to configure
  • Notification system
  • Easy-to-create "slash commands"
  • Miscellaneous mood settings (e.g., random backgrounds)
  • Easily config


  1. pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. cp
  3. python serve

Then you open http://localhost:5000/ in a web browser.

Creating your own SlashCommand

Create a class which inherits from SlashCommand, has a class constant NAME which is the command used to execute the command, without the slash.

Add a @staticmethod called callback which returns a SlashCommandResponse object. That's it! Example:

class Sum(SlashCommand):
    NAME = 'sum`

    def callback(*args):

        for arg in args:
                __ = int(arg)
            except ValueError:

                return SlashCommandResponse(False, ("%s is not a number!" % arg, 400))

        return SlashCommandResponse(True, sum(args))

Above will create a memory which text is the sum of the arguments, e.g., /sum 1 2 3 would create a memory with the text 6. If the user enters something like /sum 1 a 3 an HTTP error 400 is sent.

The first argument of SlashCommandResponse is a bool, if True it will create a memory with the second argument, otherwise, the second arugment is sent as a response.

callback() does not need to take any arguments at all. It can take any number of arguments, something like def callback(only_one): works!


  • /login secret: login so you can delete memories. sadly, you need to manually refresh after logging in. Try /login lain (default).
  • /logout: if you are logged in, this will log you out. again, you need manually refresh after.
  • /danbooru search some tags: Get a random image from Danbooru which matches the supplied tags.

Other features

Try posting a link to an image!

Built with love

Free for commercial or any purpose (MIT license) by Lily Seabreeze.

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