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Ruby Gem for Adobe's EchoSign API
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Ruby Gem to consume Adobe's EchoSign e-signature service - REST service v2


gem install echochamber


The bulk of the API is on the Echochamber::Client class

You can read Echochamber's full API Documentation

It also wouldn't hurt to read Adobe's Echosign API documentation


Initializing a client

require 'echochamber'

credentials =, app_secret, api_key, email, password)

client =

Setting up a new agreement from a URL

url_file_params = {
      url:      '',
      mimeType: 'application/pdf',
      name:     'contract.pdf'

file_info_params = {

recipient_params = {
     role: 'SIGNER', email: ''

agreement_info_params = {
     fileInfos:       [ ],
     recipients:      [],
     signatureFlow:   "SENDER_SIGNS_LAST",
     signatureType:   "ESIGN",
     name:            "Rumplestiltskin Contract"

agreement =, sender_email, agreement_info) 

agreement_id = client.create_agreement(agreement)

Cancelling a pending agreement

result = client.cancel_agreement(agreement_id, true, 'Because...blah blah.')

Creating a user

user_params = {
      firstName:  'JohnQ',
      lastName:   'Public',
      email:      '',
      password:   'kN12oK9p!3',
      title:      'Hedge Wizard'

user =

user_id = client.create_user(user)

Sending a transient document for later referral

tran_doc_id = client.create_transient_document(file_name, mime_type,'myfile.pdf'))
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