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A Text Preprocessor
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A Text Preprocessor for Markdown


This application is born out of a necessity: I needed something light-weight and portable that would process a text file and evaluate the embedded Common Lisp code without touching the rest of the text. My constraints were:

  • Light-weight: no servers, no swank, no emacs, no nothing...
  • Should be streaming: should not slurp the whole text before it starts processing. It should process it line by line.
  • Should work with vanilla $LANG without using heavy libraries or frameworks.

There is a shell file that dispatches the correct preprocessor.

mlisp $LANG $FILE

Use $FILE without the extension. That's it.

You can process a markdown file and nothing gets touched except the embedded lisp/scala/clojure code.

Short Tutorial

Code blocks are marked with ``` and everything in between is treated as a $LANG code block, and will be executed as such. One can supply a hide keyword to the header. In that case, the source is not going to be displayed but the results are going to be displayed. If you pass a hide all then both the source and the results are not going to be displayed. If you need a piece of code executed within text (as in $ vs. $$ in LaTeX) then use `` in the text. See the example example.txt file.

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