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Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.19.

Changelog diff is:

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+0.19 2014-05-20T01:07:04Z
+        - Fix comma position of stack trace
+        - Fix documentation for autodump option
+          (Thank you moznion)
 0.18 2014-03-12T07:51:14Z

         - bug fix. croakf and croakff did not die on log level = NONE
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t croakf and croakff are enabled on any log level
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Log::Minimal - Minimal but customizable logger.


use Log::Minimal;

critf("%s","foo"); # 2010-10-20T00:25:17 [CRITICAL] foo at line 12
warnf("%d %s %s", 1, "foo", $uri);
debugf("foo"); print if $ENV{LM_DEBUG} is true

# with full stack trace
# 2010-10-20T00:25:17 [CRITICAL] foo at lib/ line 10, line 12
warnff("%d %s %s", 1, "foo", $uri);
debugff("foo"); print if $ENV{LM_DEBUG} is true

my $serialize = ddf({ 'key' => 'value' });

# die with formatted message
croakff('%s %s', $code, $message);


Log::Minimal is Minimal but customizable log module.


  • critf(($message:Str|$format:Str,@list:Array));

    critf("could't connect to");
    critf("Connection timeout timeout:%d, host:%s", 2, "");

    Display CRITICAL messages. When two or more arguments are passed to the function, the first argument is treated as a format of printf.

    local $Log::Minimal::AUTODUMP = 1;
    critf({ foo => 'bar' });
    critf("dump is %s", { foo => 'bar' });

    If $Log::Minimal::AUTODUMP is true, reference or object message is serialized with Data::Dumper automatically.

  • warnf(($message:Str|$format:Str,@list:Array));

    Display WARN messages.

  • infof(($message:Str|$format:Str,@list:Array));

    Display INFO messages.

  • debugf(($message:Str|$format:Str,@list:Array));

    Display DEBUG messages, if $ENV{LM_DEBUG} is true.

  • critff(($message:Str|$format:Str,@list:Array));

    critff("could't connect to");
    critff("Connection timeout timeout:%d, host:%s", 2, "");

    Display CRITICAL messages with stack trace.

  • warnff(($message:Str|$format:Str,@list:Array));

    Display WARN messages with stack trace.

  • infoff(($message:Str|$format:Str,@list:Array));

    Display INFO messages with stack trace.

  • debugff(($message:Str|$format:Str,@list:Array));

    Display DEBUG messages with stack trace, if $ENV{LM_DEBUG} is true.

  • croakf(($message:Str|$format:Str,@list:Array));

    die with formatted $message

    croakf("critical error");
    # 2011-06-10T16:27:26 [ERROR] critical error at line 23
  • croakff(($message:Str|$format:Str,@list:Array));

    die with formatted $message with stack trace

  • ddf($value:Any)

    Utility method that serializes given value with Data::Dumper;

    my $serialize = ddf($hashref);



    To print debugf and debugff messages, $ENV{LM_DEBUG} must be true.

    You can change variable name from LM_DEBUG to arbitrary string which is specified by "env_debug" in use line. Changed variable name affects only in package locally.

    use Log::Minimal env_debug => 'FOO_DEBUG';
    $ENV{LM_DEBUG}  = 1;
    $ENV{FOO_DEBUG} = 0;
    debugf("hello"); # no output
    $ENV{FOO_DEBUG} = 1;
    debugf("world"); # print message

    $ENV{LM_COLOR} is used as default value of $Log::Minimal::COLOR


    $ENV{LM_DEFAULT_COLOR} is used as default value of $Log::Minimal::DEFAULT_COLOR

    Format of value is "LEVEL=FG;BG:LEVEL=FG;BG:...". "FG" and "BG" are optional.

    For example:

    export LM_DEFAULT_COLOR='debug=red:info=;cyan:critical=yellow;red'


  • $Log::Minimal::COLOR

    Coloring log messages. Disabled by default.

  • $Log::Minimal::PRINT

    To change the method of outputting the log, set $Log::Minimal::PRINT.

    # with PSGI Application. output log with request uri.
    my $app = sub {
        my $env = shift;
        local $Log::Minimal::PRINT = sub {
            my ( $time, $type, $message, $trace,$raw_message) = @_;
                "$time [$env->{SCRIPT_NAME}] [$type] $message at $trace\n");

    $message includes color sequences, If you want raw message text, use $raw_message. default is

    sub {
      my ( $time, $type, $message, $trace,$raw_message) = @_;
      warn "$time [$type] $message at $trace\n";
  • $Log::Minimal::DIE

    To change the format of die message, set $Log::Minimal::DIE.

    local $Log::Minimal::PRINT = sub {
        my ( $time, $type, $message, $trace) = @_;
        die "[$type] $message at $trace\n"; # not need time

    default is

    sub {
      my ( $time, $type, $message, $trace) = @_;
      die "$time [$type] $message at $trace\n";
  • $Log::Minimal::LOG_LEVEL

    Set level to output log.

    local $Log::Minimal::LOG_LEVEL = "WARN";
    infof("foo"); #print nothing

    Support levels are DEBUG,INFO,WARN,CRITICAL and NONE. If NONE is set, no output except croakf and croakff. Default log level is DEBUG.

  • $Log::Minimal::AUTODUMP

    Serialize message with Data::Dumper.

    warnf("%s", {foo => 'bar'}); # HASH(0x100804ed0)
    local $Log::Minimal::AUTODUMP = 1;
    warnf("dump is %s", {foo=>'bar'}); #dump is {foo=>'bar'}
    my $uri = URI->new("");
    warnf("uri: '%s'", $uri); # uri: ''

    If message is object and has overload methods like '""' or '0+', Log::Minimal uses it instead of Data::Dumper.

  • $Log::Minimal::TRACE_LEVEL

    Like a $Carp::CarpLevel, this variable determines how many additional call frames are to be skipped. Defaults to 0.

  • $Log::Minimal::ESCAPE_WHITESPACE

    If this value is true, whitespace other than space will be represented as [\n\t\r]. Defaults to 0.


Masahiro Nagano


Yuji Shimada (xaicron)

Yoshihiro Sugi (sugyan)



This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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