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pgpdump: a PGP packet visualizer


pgpdump is a PGP packet visualizer which displays the packet format of OpenPGP (RFC 4880) and PGP version 2 (RFC 1991).

Here is an example:

% pgpdump data/sig1
Old: Marker Packet(tag 10)(3 bytes)
    String - ...
New: One-Pass Signature Packet(tag 4)(13 bytes)
    New version(3)
    Sig type - Signature of a binary document(0x00).
    Hash alg - SHA1(hash 2)
    Pub alg - DSA Digital Signature Algorithm(pub 17)
    Key ID - 0xA79778E247B63037
    Next packet - other than one pass signature
New: Signature Packet(tag 2)(63 bytes)
    Ver 3 - old
    Hash material(5 bytes):
        Sig type - Signature of a binary document(0x00).
        Creation time - Fri Nov 27 22:35:02 JST 1998
    Key ID - 0xA79778E247B63037
    Pub alg - DSA Digital Signature Algorithm(pub 17)
    Hash alg - SHA1(hash 2)
    Hash left 2 bytes - 8f 82
    DSA r(160 bits) - ...
    DSA s(157 bits) - ...
        -> hash(DSA q bits)


Take the following steps to install pgpdump.

% ./configure
% make
% su
# make install

Binaries are available for Mac OS X via Homebrew:

% brew install pgpdump


To know how to use pgpdump, type pgpdump -h.

Some examples are stored in the data directory. Also, you can visualize your pubring and secring.

Home page

The official home page of pgpdump is:


  • pgpdump assumes that a compressed packet continues until the end of the specified file.


The test program is written in Haskell. I recommend to install Haskell Platform if you want to test. After that, please install necessary libraries:

% cabal install test-framework-hunit

Now you can execute the test program:

% cd data
% runghc test.hs