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vue-validator - DEPRECATED

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Validator component for Vue.js

⚠️ Please note, this project is deprecated and no longer being maintained

I recommend that you use other validation libraries. Thank you for everything you have done for vue-validator.

⚠️ NOTE: official release for Vue.js 2.0 not yet 🚧

⚠️ NOTICE !!

vue-validator have retiring from vue.js official plugins. in the future, vue-validator is continuing as personal project.

🆗 Compatibility

  • v2 later
    • Vue.js 1.0.20+
  • v3 alpha (WIP 🚧)
    • Vue.js 2.0.3 later (2.2 later, not works)

📖 Documentation


💪 Contributing

  • Fork it !
  • Create your top branch from 2.x: git branch my-new-topic origin/dev
  • Commit your changes: git commit -am 'Add some topic'
  • Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-topic
  • Submit a pull request to 2.x branch of kazupon/vue-validator repository !

🍃 Branch

  • dev (developement branch for v3 later)
  • 2.x (maintance branch for v2 later)

🔨 Development Setup

# install deps
npm install

# build dist files
npm run build

# lint
npm run lint

# run unit tests only
npm run unit

# run e2e tests only
npm run e2e

# lint & run all tests
npm test


Please make sure to read the Issue Reporting Checklist before opening an issue. Issues not conforming to the guidelines may be closed immediately.

🚀 Contribution

Please make sure to read the Contributing Guide before making a pull request.

📜 Changelog

Details changes for each release are documented in the

©️ License