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An ocean rendering nodekit for OpenSceneGraph
C++ GLSL CMake Python
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Port osgOcean to OSG 3.4.x - use osg/Version to keep backwards compatibility
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osgOcean v1.0



Both the library and the example require a set of resource
files (models/textures) which can be downloaded from here:

Once you downloaded them, extract the 'Island' and 'Textures' 
folders into the resources directory found in the root of the
source code tree. The install project will copy the relevant
data files to the bin path like so:


osgOcean uses the osgDB registry to find the resource files.
By default it adds the following paths to the registry:

Shader path:

Texture path:

If you wish to move these resources you must update the data file path 
list within the registry yourself. This can be down from outside the 
library with the following code:

osgDB::FilePathList& pathList = osgDB::Registry::instance()->getDataFilePathList();
pathList.push_back( new_path );


osgOcean also requires a Fast Fourier Transform library. It can work 
with either FFTW or FFTSS. 

FFTW is released under a General Public License, by selecting this 
option in CMAKE the resulting build of osgOcean will also be covered under 
the GPL license.

GPL License details:

FFTSS is covered under a Lesser General Public License which allows 
the osgOcean library to remain LGPL. 

LGPL License details: or see LICENSE.txt

FFTW and FFTSS can be downloaded from:

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