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This is the repository powering, a web application that lets people collaboratively work on "bingo boards" when speedrunning games.

For more information on speedrunning and bingo, you can read:

Fun Implementation Details! :D

Bingosync is implemented using a combination of the django and tornado web servers. The django web server (bingosync-app) hosts the main website content, serves most of the pages, and talks to the database. The tornado web server (bingosync-websocket) maintains all websocket connections to the site and passes messages along to the clients in a "publish and subscribe" kind of model.

The actual site is hosted on one of my personal machines. It's running behind an nginx proxy that serves static files and splits traffic to the django and tornado servers. I use postgres for the database. Conveniently, this machine is the same one that I run bingobot off of. Maybe there's some opportunity for integration there in the future :)