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Ticky Tacky Dark - Theme for Hugo

This is a multi-page theme, where the list page displays a set of image buttons linking to your sub-pages. It passes the web accessibility evaluation tool tests.

Preview at

Sites based on this theme:


The exampleSite demonstrates the features unique to this theme. In your site config params section the following extra parameters are supported:

  • favicon - the favicon URL, relative to your site (placed in header meta tag)
  • description - the description for the header meta tag
  • images - a list of relative image URLs for the header of each page
  • headername - text to place over the header images
  • msvalidate - MS validation tag
  • googlesiteverification - Google site verification tag

Additionally, and in the site config will display as the author and webmaster email.

Pages you add have custom front matter options:

  • buttonimage - the relative image URL for the page's button on the front page
  • images - a list of relative image URLs for the left sidebar on the page
  • imagealt - the alternate text for the page's left sidebar image
  • weight - an integer that specifies page ordering for the front page. If you want the buttons and navbar items to show pages in a specific order, specify the ordering via weight. Ordering goes from lowest weight to highest, left to right, top to bottom.
  •, - overrides the site author name and email

Page Construction

Navigation from the main page happens via a button image. These images are, optimally, 300x300 pixels. Specify these button image URLs in a page's front matter with the buttonimage option.

On sub-pages, images can appear on the left side. Sizing can vary there, but at full size images come out as about 277.5 pixels, and a size of about 300x500 pixels works nicely. You can specify multiple images for a sub-page, and they'll be randomly selected on load. Specify them as a list of image URLs on the page front matter, with option images.

Header images are, optimally, 950x200 pixels. Specify these in the site configuration as a list of image URLs with option images. One will be randomly selected on page load.

Custom Shortcode

Dropdown Text

To add an HTML details element that, when clicked, drops-down a section of text, use shortcode dropdown.


{{< dropdown summary="Click here to see the text that will drop down." >}}
  This is the text that drops down when you click the link.
{{< /dropdown >}}


Put this theme in your site's themes folder, then modify the site config to specify the theme ticky_tacky_tark, or use the -t ticky_tacky_dark command line switch.


The Ubuntu Titling font is used, licensed by the GNU Lesser GPL, license included.


A multi-page Hugo theme, in dark colors, where the list page displays a set of image buttons linking to your sub-pages.







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