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This is source code repo of glide. For User guide check the glide homepage.

Build Status


To start developing glide, you need to have git and java (at least 1.7) available on your machine. It's advisable to have groovy and gradle installed as well (both optional).

Run this command to see what all is in your PATH and working.

curl -sL | sh

Source code

Everything required to build and run glide is checked into the project git repo. fork the repo, make changes, send PR.


cd into the directory do $ ./gradlew build


You can directly run the glide app without installing glide using:

$ ./gradlew run -Papp=~/path/to/glide/app

$ ./gradlew run runs the default sample app


After you have made modifications to glide source code you can install glide using $ ./gradlew installApp alpha

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