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Where It Matters


Where it matters is an application that allows users to find organizations that contribute a larger percentage of resources to the people that need them. Many large organizations give high salaries to many of their c-level executives that account for a large percentage of monetary donations. We hope to empower users to ensure that when they donate their time and money, they can make it count.

Future Features

Map API & Search: Allow you to search by name, city, state, zip code, category, type of organization. API Changes: We had some issues with the API that we used last minute and the responses that it's sending. We also found a better API during the beginning of this project that was down and we have contacted them about the issue.

React Axios Mapbox-Gl Re-base React React-Dom React-Router-Dom React-Scripts

Project Status

This project is currently in development. Users can have access to the functionality listed under current features.

Installation and Set Up

Clone down this repository. You will need node and yarn installed globally on your machine.


yarn install

To Visit App:

yarn start an app should open on localhost:3000


We created this app to help ensure that resources were getting into the hands of people that truly needed them. Seeing organizations pump hundreds of thousands and even millions into the c-level executive's pockets and re-selling resources for a profit is something that pulled heavy at our hearts. While working in the environment of a hackathon time and resources are limited, we plan on continuing the growth of this project to help alleviate issues in our community, as well as ensure that when people who are better off go to help, that they actually make it count.