Persist the state of your reducers in localstorage
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NPM Version

Perstist Kea reducers in localstorage

  • kea-localstorage 0.1 works with kea 0.27+

Read the documentation for Kea


Install via yarn or npm

yarn add kea-localstorage
npm install --save kea-localstorage

You may install the localStorage plugin either globally (automatically accessible for all logic stores) or locally (only for those you specify)..

To install it globaly, use one of the following ways. Make sure to run this before any call to kea({}) takes place.

// the cleanest way
import localStoragePlugin from 'kea-localstorage'
import { getStore } from 'kea'

const store = getStore({
  plugins: [ localStoragePlugin ]

// another way
import localStoragePlugin from 'kea-localstorage'
import { activatePlugin } from 'kea'


// the shortest way
import 'kea-localstorage/install'

To install it locally, just add it to the plugins array for your logic store. Then only this logic store will have access to the functionality:

// use locally
const someLogic = kea({
  plugins: [

  // actions, reducers, etc


To use it, make sure your logic store has a defined path. Then just pass { persist: true } as an option to your reducer, like so:

// use locally
const someLogic = kea({
  path: () => ['scenes', 'something', 'foobar'], // NEEDED!

  actions: () => ({
    change: value => ({ value })

  reducers: ({ actions }) => ({
    persistedValue: [0, PropTypes.number, { persist: true }, {
      [actions.change]: (_, payload) => payload.value