Emulates an old-style "code page 437" / "IBM-PC" character set terminal on a modern UTF-8 terminal emulator.
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cp437 is a program to emulate an old-style "code page 437" / "IBM-PC" character
set terminal on a modern terminal emulator that uses UTF-8 or similar.

It was written for the purpose of running the BitchX IRC client, which utilises
CP437 line-drawing characters in its default theme and artwork.  It should
also be broadly useful for things like viewing CP437 "ANSI art", running 
nethack with the IBMgraphics option or running EPIC with scripts that use CP437


Just running "make" (or "gmake" on BSD systems) should build the cp437 binary.  
You'll need iconv, which is provided by glibc on Linux but is provided by the 
libiconv port on FreeBSD.  As yet I've not tested it on any operating systems
other than those two, although it is reputed to work on OS X and OpenBSD too - 
feedback is welcome.

You can move the binary wherever you like - I suggest $HOME/bin.


Just run cp437 followed by the command and argument you want to run:

    cp437 BitchX irc.efnet.org

You'll need to have your LANG or LC_CTYPE environment variable set up to match
the character set used by your terminal emulator.  This is often set by
default but on some operating systems you may need to do some additional setup
(for FreeBSD, see http://www.freebsd.org/doc/handbook/using-localization.html)