Create a network map using network discovery protocols from Observium
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Just put your hostname from observium as argument and it will start the expansion from it.

You should get something like this :


Map.php allows you to see a svg output in your browser with clickable links to your observium setup (Just adapt the links in the conf), it requires Viz.js

How to use :

  • Install mysql, pydot, and colour python libraries
  • Put in your observium root and graph.php in a subdirectory in your html directory
  • Place Viz.js in the map.php directory ( )
  • Setup a cron that call a bash script like this one (adapt it to your setup)
  • Modify map.php by changing do your dotfile (used in the cron script

cd /opt/observium/html/graph/

/usr/bin/php /opt/observium/discovery.php -h all -m discovery-protocols

python /opt/observium/ CHANGEME