A plugin for Amarok that updates your Pidgin status message with that you are currently listening to.
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Author: Keegan Carruthers-Smith <keegan.csmith@gmail.com>
Version: 0.2.2
Date: March 2009


A plugin for Amarok 1 and 2 that updates your Pidgin status message with what you are currently listening to.

If you want to update your Gaim status message, look for the AmarokGaim package.


  • Amarok (Tested on Amarok 1.4.10 or Amarok 2.0-SVN-Neon Jan 14 2009)
  • Pidgin with D-Bus support (Tested on Pidgin 2.5.2)
  • Python with D-Bus support (Tested on Python 2.5.2 (Should also work with Python 2.4))
  • DCOP client (If using Amarok 1. Tested on KDE 3.5.10)
  • Optionally depends on chardet for better character decoding. [http://chardet.feedparser.org/]


  • Supported variables in STATUS_MESSAGE are:
    • $album
    • $artist
    • $genre
    • $title
    • $track
    • $year
    • $nowPlaying
    • $lyricsURL
    • $lyrics
    • $rating
    • $score
  • $lyrics variable displays a single line from the lyrics of the song. The lyrics must be fetched by Amarok first.
  • More configuartion options can be found in AmarokPidgin.ini, which can be found in ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts-data/
  • To edit the list of expletives edit censor_words in AmarokPidgin.ini. Words are | separated

Variable Map

All variables that go in the STATUS_MESSAGE can now be filtered by a user supplied function. This is done using the configuration options variable_map and variable_imports. variable_map is a function which accepts 2 strings (Variable, Value) and returns a string. variable_imports runs possible imports required for variable_map.


  • Quote

    variable_map = lambda x,y : y and ("'"+y+"'") or ''
  • Unknown String

    variable_map = lambda x,y : y or ("Unknown " + x.capitalize())
  • iPodify strings

    variable_map = lambda x,y : ' '.join(['i' + s.capitalize() for s in y.split()])

Amarok 2

AmarokPidgin now has rudimentary Amarok 2 support. It does not support many of the variables, updating your buddy icon and configuration from Amarok. To configure you have to edit AmarokPidgin.ini, which can be found in ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/AmarokPidgin.


This software is distributed under the GPLv2. Please read COPYING for more information.


  • Version 0.2.2 (Development)
    • Buddy Icon support for Amarok 2.
    • Passive Popup in Amarok 1 when a user tries to configure who does not have kdialog installed.
  • Version 0.2.1 (03/03/2009)
    • Executible bit was not switched on! So could not install in Amarok 1.
  • Version 0.2 (11/02/2009)
    • Your Buddy Icon can now be set to the currently playing song's album cover. Set cover_icon to true in the config file to enable.
    • Made Media status type "tune". To update:
      • Stop AmarokPidgin in Amarok
      • Delete Media status in Pidgin
      • Start AmarokPidgin in Amarok
    • New variables $rating and $score.
  • Version 0.1.9 (16/05/2008)
    • New variables: $year, $nowPlaying, $lyricsURL and $lyrics. Based on a patch by Hieu Hoang.
    • Variable Map. Based on work by Ryan Davis.
    • Seems to work with Pidgin 2.4.0 now.
    • Media status is of type Avaliable now by default.
  • Version 0.1.8 (09/02/2008)
    • Can use chardet library to decode strings.
    • Testing of the new decoding routine thanks to David Partain.
    • Fixed bug with status not returning to Media.
    • Quick hack to prevent crashes on debugging output.
  • Version 0.1.7 (02/08/2007)
    • Closes script when Amarok sends SIGTERM. (Thanks to Kiyoshi Murata)
    • Only media status is updated. No changing status anymore on song change.
    • Pausing only changes status if status is on Media. (Thanks to Vasilis Vasaitis)
  • Version 0.1.6 (27/05/2007)
    • Changed project name to AmarokPidgin
    • Updated codebase to use purple. With thanks to the following contributors:
      • Tony Bassette
      • Thomas Bird
      • Luigi Capriotti
  • Version 0.1.5 (05/04/2007)
    • Can now change nick instead of status message.
    • Updates to unicode handling.
    • Updates status type if necessary (Thanks to Vasilis Vasaitis)
  • Version 0.1.4 (20/11/2006)
    • Fixed a bug with misbehaving kdialogs. (Thanks to Kartik Mohta)
    • Now changes Gaim's status back too default when script closes.
    • Updates status if a song is playing when the script starts.
  • Version 0.1.3 (14/11/2006)
    • Now can block expletives in status message.
    • Fixed a bug when reading in the configuration file.
  • Version 0.1.2 (02/11/2006)
    • Fixed unicode strings bug. (Thanks too Tim Su)
    • Added basic configuration
  • Version 0.1.1 (30/10/2006)
    • Forgot to comment out logging =/
  • Version 0.1 (25/10/2006)
    • Initial Release