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Auxiliary Gtk+ 2 and Gtk+ 3 operations

Instructions on how to run a game:

1)git clone

2)cd gtk-helpers/gtk2

Creating a sandbox (or contained environment for haskell stuff) inside the directory gtk-helpers/gtk2.

3)cabal sandbox init

Installing the package gtk-helpers in that directory (cabal install finds the only .cabal file in that dir).

4)cabal install

Note: Some MacOS users may experience a problem upon executing the above command for which the discussion can be found here.

In that case, you need to first execute cabal install gtk -fhave-quartz-gtk and then cabal install.

If the problem isn't resolved even after executing cabal install gtk -fhave-quartz-gtk command, you may want to refer this for additional information.

For e.g., if you want to play lights-off game,

5)cd examples/lights-off/

We move into examples/lights-off, and tell cabal to use the sandbox in gtk-helpers/gtk2 for anything we run in this directory.

6)cabal sandbox --sandbox=../../.cabal-sandbox/ init

Note: Only for lights-off game, an additional package IfElse needs to be installed. This can be done by running cabal install IfElsecommand after Step 6 and before Step 7.

Finally, we compile BoardMain.hs. We use cabal exec to help GHC find the sandbox where all the packages have been installed.

7)cabal exec -- ghc --make BoardMain.hs

The logic, math and implementation of these games can be read here.

All the credit for the above goes to Ivan Perez.


Auxiliary Gtk+ 2 and Gtk+ 3 operations




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