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HIWA is a Horribly Insecure Web Application


This horribly insecure web application is designed to illustrate a number of common web application vulnerabilities. Specifically, among its features are:

  1. SQL injection allows authentication bypass
  2. XSS in product descriptions
  3. Access control mechanism only enforces privileges in the menu options; deep links will bypass.
  4. Insufficient sanitation of input parameters allows privilege escalation via cookie manipulation
  5. Passwords and social security numbers are stored in plaintext
  6. No password complexity requirements
  7. Insecure file upload capability leads to arbitrary code execution
  8. Lack of transport-layer encryption allows credential sniffing
  9. Unprotected configuration files in browsable directory
  10. Authentication state maintained in client-side cookies
  11. Insecure defaults
  12. CSRF vulnerabilities allow deletion of customers, products and users


HIWA is written in PHP, using a Postgresql backend. Some hands-on experience with getting these programs to work is expected by the reader. At a later time, I might write up more detailed instructions.


  • Fix (most) SQL and XSS issues in customers, products, orders and users
  • Come up with some documentation (installation, usage, as well as fixing)


  • Apache2 (apt install apache2)
  • Postgresql (apt install postgresql)
  • PHP (apt install libapache2-mod-php5)
  • Postgresql connector for PHP5 (apt install php5-pgsql)


Kees Leune kees@leune.org