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A template for WordPress themes in Vagrant
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This is a Vagrant configuration template designed for the agile development of WordPress themes.

A SCSS and CoffeeScript version of _s is included for your convienience.


  • Debug mode is enabled by default
  • Automatic installation & activation of plugins
    • default plugins: theme-check, plugin-check, mp6
  • Optional import of theme unit test data
  • Uses Grunt to manage your theme.

Getting Started

  1. Install NodeJS / NPM.

  2. Install Grunt.

  3. Install VirtualBox.

  4. Install Vagrant.

  5. Install the vagrant-hostsupdater plugin.

    $ vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostsupdater
  6. Clone the repository into a local directory.

    $ git clone new-project
  7. Change into a new directory.

    $ cd new-project
  8. Initialize your NodeJS modules.

    $ npm install
  9. Compile the sources (and watch for changes).

    $ grunt watch
  10. Start the Vagrant environment.

    $ vagrant up
  11. Visit !


Watch for changed sources

This command will automatically compile your SCSS / CoffeeScript when the file is saved.

$ grunt watch

Compile & package

(TODO) This command will package your theme into a zip file, ready to send off to theme review!

$ grunt theme-package

WordPress Environment

This tool installs a WordPress environment with these settings by default.

  • Default user
    • Username: admin
    • Password: admin
  • Debug mode is enabled (WP_DEBUG)
  • Default plugins
    • theme-check
    • plugin-check
    • wp-multibyte-patch (ja locale only)
    • mp6

Virtual Environment

  • Allowed ports on iptables
    • 22 - SSH
    • 80 - HTTP
    • 443 - HTTPS
    • 3306 - MySQL
  • CentOS 6.4.x
    • PHP 5.3.x
    • MySQL 5.1.x
    • Apache 2.2.x


Let me know if you have any feedback! Open a new issue if you want to share your tips or report a bug.


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