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Example for running AvaloniaUI on .NET Core
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VS2017 Updated package versions for VS2017 example Aug 21, 2017



Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 with latest .NET Core tooling installed


Visual Studio 2017 RC (at least version from Jan 27)

Platform Support


Should just work out of the box.

Window icons are not supported yet (for some weird reason we were using Windows.Forms/System.Drawing)


SkiaSharp package doesn't have a precompiled Linux binary yet, but we have it built for Ubuntu:!AguhICu8mgtrgvo1gE1BRIQh5PJXEg - -

Place those somewhere, chmod +x and then set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to that directory. When running a published version just copy these binaries to output directory.

For other Linux distros you need to build libSkiaSharp yourself or hope that those are compatible.

Mac OS X

Follow instructions from Note, that you need at least RC3 -

After .NET Core SDK is installed, run brew install gtk+3 to install GTK3. We are planning to implement Quartz-backend, so this step won't be needed in the future.

Then you should be able to run dotnet restore and dotnet run.

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