Interactive Tool to Create, Edit, and Repair Curve-Skeletons
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Interactive Tool to Create, Edit, and Repair Curve-Skeletons

Source code from the paper "Skeleton Lab: an Interactive Tool to Create, Edit, and Repair Curve-Skeletons". The paper has been awardeed as Best Paper at the conference STAG 2015 held in Verona (October 2015)

Full paper, slides and bibtex entry available at the Project Page.

Compiled binaries will be available soon.

Checkout and compile

First checkout the source code

git clone

Then setup the .pro file in order to set the necessary paths to include the required libraries: libQGLViewer. (tested with version 2.5.3 ), CGAL and Boost

INCLUDEPATH *= <path to libQGLViewer includes>/libQGLViewer-2.5.3
LIBS    *= -F<path to QGLViewer framework> -framework QGLViewer

LIBS    += -L<path to CGAL include> -lCGAL
LIBS    += -L<path to Boost include> -lboost_system

CGAL and Boost are used to load and interact with meshes, you can however avoid installing these libraries turning off this capabilities commenting the lines

DEFINES += use_boost
DEFINES += use_cgal

It should compile and run using QT4.8.5 + GCC 4.2 and QT5 and Clang on OsX. It also works on Windows with QT4.8.5 and Visual Studio.