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Toy scheduler for use in Kubernetes demos.


Annotate each node using the annotator command:

kubectl proxy
Starting to serve on
go run annotator/main.go
gke-k0-default-pool-728d327f-00lq 1.60
gke-k0-default-pool-728d327f-3vzg 0.20
gke-k0-default-pool-728d327f-nmz7 0.80
gke-k0-default-pool-728d327f-pxee 0.05
gke-k0-default-pool-728d327f-xm4i 0.05
gke-k0-default-pool-728d327f-zynj 0.20

Create a deployment

kubectl create -f deployments/nginx.yaml
deployment "nginx" created

The nginx pod should be in a pending state:

kubectl get pods
NAME                     READY     STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
nginx-1431970305-mwghf   0/1       Pending   0          27s

Run the Scheduler

List the nodes and note the price of each node.

annotator -l
gke-k0-default-pool-728d327f-00lq 0.80
gke-k0-default-pool-728d327f-3vzg 0.40
gke-k0-default-pool-728d327f-nmz7 0.40
gke-k0-default-pool-728d327f-pxee 0.05
gke-k0-default-pool-728d327f-xm4i 1.60
gke-k0-default-pool-728d327f-zynj 0.40

Run the best price scheduler:

2016/08/19 11:16:25 Starting custom scheduler...
2016/08/19 11:16:28 Successfully assigned nginx-1431970305-mwghf to gke-k0-default-pool-728d327f-pxee
2016/08/19 11:16:35 Shutdown signal received, exiting...
2016/08/19 11:16:35 Stopped reconciliation loop.
2016/08/19 11:16:35 Stopped scheduler.

Notice the pending nginx pod is deployed to the node with the lowest cost.

Run the Scheduler on Kubernetes

kubectl create -f deployments/scheduler.yaml
deployment "scheduler" created