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For when you want to let your users know you don't use cookies. (parody)
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No Cookie

For when you want to let your users know you don't use cookies.

Do you need a way to show off to your customers you don't use cookies? Does your page feel plain and empty without a cookie consent banner? We might have a solution for you!

Introducing no-cookie! This package allows you to add a consent banner to any website. It's live on this website!


To use no-cookie, first install it using NPM:

npm install no-cookie

Then, include it in your Javascript:

var noCookie = require('no-cookie');


🎉 That's it! no-cookie should be installed on your website.

If this package has helped you, consider making a donation.

Pull requests welcome.

Note: this project is a joke and is not intended for production use. This page, package, or communication from the maintainers of this package does not constitute legal advice. Use at your own risk.

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