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Ledger Analytics Build Status

Analytics/Visualization tool for ledger-cli. Tested on Node v9.11.1.

Installation and Usage

Make sure npm and ledger-cli is installed (npm --help and ledger --help should display some information if its installed).

npm install -g ledger-analytics

ledger-analytics -f <your journal file> [extra arguments for ledger]

# Examples
# ledger-analytics -f main.journal
# ledger-analytics -f main.journal --input-date-format "%d.%m.%y"

Navigate to in your browser

Query Examples

Don't insert the $ character.

You can query multiple accounts by separating each account with a space (e.g. assets liabilities), or exclude certain accounts by adding and not <account> in front of them (e.g. expenses and not expenses:food).


$ expenses:food expenses:flights
$ assets and not assets:super and not assets:stock
$ expenses and not expenses:travel


$ income,expenses,assets:stocks
$ expenses and not expenses:travel,income


$ assets:stocks assets:bank1
$ assets:stocks and not assets:crypto



0.1.9a (2018/09/04)

  • Fixed extraArgs bug (thanks to rohieb)
    • TODO: Write tests to accomodate for that

0.1.8a (2018/08/30)

  • Updated frontend

0.1.7a (2018/08/30)

  • Fixed growth bug #2
    • Who knew 0 || 1 gives 1?
    • undefined || 0 gives 0 too
    • Thanks JS

0.1.6a (2018/08/30)

  • Fixed growth chart bug
    • Asset is 0 if account is referenced recently (but was referenced some time ago)

0.1.5a (2018/08/30)

  • Added ability to pass extra arguments to ledger-cli
  • Timeline
    • Fixed timeline view range to exact date
    • Set date bug
  • Refactored analyze.js to ledger-api.js
    • Made ledger-api object composable :)

0.1.4a (2018/08/29)

  • Growth Chart
    • Fixed position of tooltip hover
    • Added total amont to tooltip
  • BugFixes:
    • Fixed PUBLIC_URL append on NPM build

0.1.3a (2018/08/27)


0.1.2a (2018/08/27)

  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed index.html with weird prefix appending
    • Fixed timeline zoom sync with piechart and overview comments data

0.1.1a (2018/08/26)

  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed app crash on asset and not asset:pension

0.1.0a (2018/08/26)

  • First release of ledger-analytics
  • Basic features for data visualization




npm run start   # For frontend
npm run express # For backend


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