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Faster implementation of MessagePack for Lua runtime
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Faster implementation of MessagePack for Lua. It's about 5 or 10 times faster than a Lua binding of libmsgpack mplua, and 20 or 50 times faster than luvit's embedded JSON parse/stringify.

It's even faster on smaller/simpler objects like data packets of multiplayer networked games.

Performance is improved by skipping (1) making msgpack_object tree inside libmsgpack, and (2) traversing the tree when constructing Lua table.

lua-msgpack-native just directly reads input string and construct Lua table, so never make object tree other than Lua tree. 2 or 3 times less buffer copy and memory allocation.


tested on luvit on OSX Lion and Linux(Ubuntu 11.04, travis-ci node.js worker) current luvit depends on LuaJIT2.


In your app:

local mp = require( "msgpack" )
local tbl = { a=123, b="any", c={"ta","bl","e",1,2,3} }
local packed = mp.pack(tbl)
local unpacked_table = mp.unpack(packed)


command line:

luvit bench.lua


mp:   empty      0.69   sec   4347826.0869565   times/sec   6.5072463768116   times faster
mp:   iary1      0.87   sec   3448275.862069    times/sec   5.9310344827586   times faster
mp:   iary10     0.31   sec   967741.93548387   times/sec   2.9677419354839   times faster
mp:   iary100    0.21   sec   142857.14285714   times/sec   1.9047619047619   times faster
mp:   iary1000   2.43   sec   12345.679012346   times/sec   1.3662551440329   times faster
mp:   iary10000  2.31   sec   1298.7012987013   times/sec   1.4718614718615   times faster
mp:   str1       0.47   sec   6382978.7234042   times/sec   10.489361702128   times faster
mp:   str10      0.48   sec   6250000           times/sec   10.354166666667   times faster
mp:   str100     0.76   sec   3947368.4210526   times/sec   6.9868421052632   times faster
mp:   str500     1.36   sec   2205882.3529412   times/sec   4.3970588235294   times faster
mp:   str1000    2.22   sec   1351351.3513514   times/sec   3.0855855855856   times faster
mp:   str10000   1.76   sec   170454.54545455   times/sec   1.4545454545455   times faster

To compare with luvit's JSON (based on libyajl), command line:

luvit jsonbench.lua


json:   empty   0.304742    sec 98443.929619153 times/sec
json:   iary1   0.402968    sec 74447.59881678  times/sec
json:   iary10  0.060066    sec 49945.060433523 times/sec
json:   iary100 0.031954    sec 9388.4959629468 times/sec
json:   iary1000    0.302775    sec 990.83477830072 times/sec
json:   iary10000   0.331131    sec 90.598584850105 times/sec
json:   str1    0.244788    sec 122555.02720722 times/sec
json:   str10   0.316844    sec 94683.81916653  times/sec
json:   str100  0.420545    sec 71336.00447039  times/sec
json:   str500  0.629439    sec 47661.489040241 times/sec
json:   str1000 0.630663    sec 47568.986923286 times/sec
json:   str10000    0.368189    sec 8147.9892120623 times/sec

lua-msgpack-native is 20x ~ 50x faster than luvit's JSON.

Streaming API

It also has streaming parser: feed() bytes, and pull() tables.

local tbl = { piyo=7, hoge = { 5,6,"7", {8,9,10} }, fuga="11" }
local str = mp.pack(tbl)
local u = mp.createUnpacker(1024)
u:feed( string.sub(s,1,11))  -- feed first half of the data
u:feed( string.sub(s,12,#s))  -- and feed latter half of the data
local outtbl = u:pull()  -- pull() success
print( outtbl.piyo ) -- => "7"
local outnil = u:pull()  -- pull() returns nil, no data.

Streaming API is 10~30% slower than normal unpack() function:

mp: empty   0.627703    sec native: 4779330.3520933 stream: 3023163.4785728
mp: iary1   0.768256    sec native: 3904948.3505498 stream: 2733462.7779818
mp: iary10  0.205636    sec native: 1458888.5214651 stream: 979799.79424204
mp: iary100 0.16467 sec native: 182182.54691201 stream: 147220.47738694
mp: iary1000    1.922974    sec native: 15600.834956687 stream: 12727.952322788
mp: iary10000   1.795387    sec native: 1670.9489374714 stream: 1251.2110680463
mp: str1    0.384245    sec native: 7807518.6404508 stream: 3619223.8695053
mp: str10   0.410769    sec native: 7303374.8895365 stream: 3783345.4610574
mp: str100  0.647663    sec native: 4632038.5756172 stream: 2638573.4816329
mp: str500  1.378287    sec native: 2176614.8849986 stream: 1583412.5919303
mp: str1000 2.246217    sec native: 1335578.8866347 stream: 1072244.242942
mp: str10000    1.777126    sec native: 168811.89065941 stream: 155099.03590439

Install with Luarocks

You can use luarocks to build and install on your environment by:

sudo luarocks make rockspec/lua-msgpack-native-scm-1.rockspec

Note: This method is tested only on Linux and OSX.

Related works

In many cases ,Lua runtime doesn't allow adding native modules. In these cases you can use pure lua implementation of MessagePack

This module mainly targets on luvit. To maximize performance, you'd use LuaJIT2 or luvit or something.

This repository has orig_msgpack directory, that contains original msgpack C++ library source code and mplua stub C code. Every line of these code is from those projects.

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