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Strukt Bugs

This is the public bug tracking database for Strukt. I encourage everyone to submit and vote on issues here, even if you aren't (yet) a Strukt user.

(You need a GitHub account to file bugs here, but it's free, and useful. The GitHub folks are good at maintaining an online bug database. I want to spend my time making Strukt better.)

Feel free to use this for:

  • bugs you find (I know there must be a few!)

  • features you wish it had — like data sources, parsers/generators, output views, or value types

  • performance problems — please include an example of your slow pipeline

  • workflow issues, where something isn't technically wrong, but the design could be improved to operate more smoothly

  • other suggestions you have, from the documentation to the color scheme

Nothing is off limits. No part of Strukt is sacred, if there's a better way.

This isn't design-by-committee, though. I can't promise that I'll work on all the issues raised here, or that I'll use the voting to determine which one to work on first. I have my own roadmap, and often one feature is a prerequisite for others, in ways which are not immediately obvious.


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