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PEP 8, for Humans.

If you're interested in financially supporting Kenneth Reitz open source, consider visiting this link. Your support helps tremendously with sustainability of motivation, as Open Source is no longer part of my day job.


If you serve this locally from, the fonts will display properly. They are blocked on all domains except and

An easy way to do this:

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer #python2


$ python -m http.server      #python3

Syncing PEP 8 changes mirrors the original PEP 8 document at

Whenever the original PEP 8 at gets updated we need to migrate these changes to This process is difficult to automate because manual style and formatting tweaks were made to the original source material to create index.html.

To migrate the latest changes from the original PEP 8 source do the following:

  • Look at the source control history for the original PEP 8 and compare it with what's live on (As of 2019-06 we're tracking rev 2f8f1ec.)

  • Apply the missing changes to index.html and create a pull-request to get them reviewed and live on


Automatically deployed on Netlify on each push to master.

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