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Cogs for Red Discordbot
Branch: v3-cogs
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Discord server Red cogs


[p]repo add kennnyshiwa
I agree
[p]cog install kennnyshiwa <cogname>
[p]load <installed_cog>


Name Description
Ark Retrieves info from Intel's ARK database for CPU's
Embedinvite Removes the default invite command with a pretty embed that also includes options like support server for the bot and descriptions.
imperialtoolkit A collection of useful commands such as bot stats, more to come in the future
trackerinfo Collection of embeds that display information about various private tracker websites
space Space commands to show pictures and other information about space
pottermore Find your hogwarts house and lookup information about Harry Potter characters


You can reach me on Discord kennnyshiwa#1337

You can also join my Discord Server . Feel free to DM if you need any help or have questions


Beryju - Ark cog (orginally for Red v2 adapted for Red v3)

Preda - Embedinvite (helped with logic and user settable variables)

Red Discord server community for all the help in coding.

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