Simple web crawler application built on the cs101 class project from Udacity --originally posted by jksdrum
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This is the web-crawler script built in the inaugural cs101 class at Udacity, and augemented into a simple application to run on your local machine, and posted to the Udacity forum by jksdrum here: 

It should be noted that the original and current version ignore robot.txt files and thus should be used cautiously, if at all, to search the open web. 

Change Log

2012 - April 14:
			Initial commit of file as found on the original Udacity forum posting of jksdrum
			second commit by Ken Jepson aka Kenny-J fixes .format statements so they are compatible with the osx version of python 2.7.x by including reference numbers inside the {} in print commands. 

For example:
-                    print "    Crawl finished.  Index has {0} items.".format(len(index))
+                    print "    Crawl finished.  Index has {} items.".format(len(index))