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Golang News

A responsive news website for links about the Go programming language, written in Go. You can see a this website in action at this link:

Gettting Started

The app requires postgresql just now to bootstrap locally (not Mysql). So make sure you have psql installed. The bootstrap process will create a database and settings for you, but you'll need to promote the first user to admin in order to use the site locally.

Go get this app:

go get -u

Then to build and run the server locally, as you'd expect:

go run server.go

or get the fragmenta command line tool (for things like migrations, deploy etc) and run it with that:

go get -u
fragmenta server

App Structure


This is the entry point main() for the application. It includes packages within src and starts a server.

The src folder

This holds the website assets, actions and views - the meat of the app.

The src/app folder

This contains general app files, resources like pages or users should go in a separate pkg.

The src/users folder

This contains files related to users on the website.

The src/stories folder

This contains files related to stories on the website.

The src/comments folder

This contains files related to comments on the website.

The src/lib folder

lib is used to store utility packages which can be used by several parts of the app.

The src/lib/templates folder

Templates for generating new resources are stored in here and used by fragmenta generate to generate a new resource package, containing assets, code and views for the resource.


Golang News - curated links about the Go programming language



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