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#include "pch.h"
using namespace std;
using namespace Modern;
using namespace Windows::Storage;
using namespace Windows::Storage::Streams;
using namespace Windows::Graphics::Imaging;
using namespace Windows::Media::Ocr;
String MessagePath()
// StorageFile.GetFileFromPathAsync doesn't appear to honor the "current directory"
// so we have to get that ourselves...
wchar_t buffer[1024] = {};
GetCurrentDirectory(_countof(buffer), buffer);
check(PathCchAppendEx(buffer, _countof(buffer), L"message.png", PATHCCH_ALLOW_LONG_PATHS));
return buffer;
future<String> Sample()
StorageFile file = await StorageFile::GetFileFromPathAsync(MessagePath());
IRandomAccessStream stream = await file.OpenAsync(FileAccessMode::Read);
BitmapDecoder decoder = await BitmapDecoder::CreateAsync(stream);
SoftwareBitmap bitmap = await decoder.GetSoftwareBitmapAsync();
OcrEngine engine = OcrEngine::TryCreateFromUserProfileLanguages();
OcrResult result = await engine.RecognizeAsync(bitmap);
return result.Text();
int main()
String text = Sample().get();
printf("%ls\n", text.Buffer());
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