THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN ABANDONED — Puzzle & Dragons optimizer
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kennytm Some tweaks.
1. Added option to show the final state before dropping matches of a
2. Added option to change the type of orbs.
3. Matches within a solution is now sorted.
4. The path now shows an arrow to make the direction clearer.
5. Support middle click to clear an orb.
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pndopt --- Puzzle & Dragons Optimizer


pndopt is a Javascript application to find an optimal path leading to a high-combo move in Puzzle & Dragons.

Only use it in emergency ☺!

(Yes I knew there were Big Combo and Path & Decision, but the former is gone and I'm unsatisfied with the result of the latter.)


  1. Left or right click on an orb to select its type.
  2. Click "Solve" after completing the board.
  3. Choose one solution and see how it is performed.


  • Firefox (version 19 or above).
  • Screen resolution of 1280×800 or above.

It may work in other configurations but I don't guarantee it will work ☺.


  • Introduce better solver (e.g. this post). Currently it is just a brute-force greedy algorithm, which may not produce truly optimal result.
  • Resolve overlapping lines and points.
  • Simulate swapping and matching when playing the animation.
  • The default weight of the profiles may need to be adjusted.