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This plugin adds to vim the key bindings from emacs. The bindings are added to only insert mode.


  • vim-plug
  • Plug 'kentarosasaki/vim-emacs-bindings'
  • NeoBundle
  • NeoBundle 'kentarosasaki/vim-emacs-bindings'
  • Vundle
  • Plugin 'kentarosasaki/vim-emacs-bindings'
  • Vim packages (since Vim 7.4.1528)
  • git clone ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start/vim-emacs-bindings

Supported key bindings

Key Bindings Motion
Ctrl-p Backward a line
Ctrl-n Forward a line
Ctrl-b Backward a charcter
Ctrl-f Forward a character
Ctrl-a Go to the beginning of the line
Ctrl-e Go to the end of the line
Ctrl-d Delete character forward
Ctrl-h Delete character backward
Ctrl-k Delete to end of line