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These are things I thought would improve users' usage and comprehension of the project.
Feel free to make any changes or throw it out altogether.

* Minor elaborations
* Add a notice about the new labels and link to the issue requesting help organizing them
* Inline email link instead of directing readers to the link at the bottom
* Point "watching the repo" link to a page that lets readers watch the repo
* Add a disclaimer about questions that may not be answered (by you or otherwise)
* Add a disclaimer about audio and video answers, linking to the corresponding labels
* Add section header for alternate contact mediums for better separation from disclaimer
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Ask me anything!

Ask a question     Read answered questions

See my favorite/popular/frequently asked questions. There are also other labels to sort the questions by (work in progress).

I get a lot of questions by email but responding to an email only helps one person. This way anyone can read the answer.

If you'd rather not ask your question publicly, send me an email and I can post the question anonymously for you.

Subscribe for updates by watching the repo.

Anything means anything. Personal questions. Money. Life. Code. Whatever.


  • Ensure your question hasn't already been answered.
  • Use a succinct title and description.
  • Bugs & feature requests should be opened on the relevant issue tracker.
  • Support questions are better asked on Stack Overflow.
  • Be civil and polite :)
  • I will not help you with a question that goes against my personal moral standards.


Answers from me

All questions are welcome but not all questions will be answered by me. Some questions may be answered by volunteers helping me. Others may not be answered at all. To increase the likelyhood of me answering your question it should:

  • Be relevant to me or my opinions in some way and not something anyone could answer (those are better served by StackOverflow, etc).
  • Be helpful or interesting for other people. I prefer this medium to email because my time spent answering these questions helps more people. Answers that only help the asker are not an efficient use of my time and may not be answered. Read: "Hi, thanks for reaching out to me 👋".
Answer format

Some answers may be in the form of audio clips or videos. This is not meant to exclude anyone. I wouldn't have time to answer these questions at all otherwise. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to transcribe these answers and leave a comment so that everyone can benefit from the answers.

Other contact mediums

I can also be reached on Twitter and email, but I prefer this medium.