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An npm distribution of the amazing clog tool
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A conventional changelog for the rest of us


This is just an npm distribution of the amazing clog. I created this package because I think clog is awesome and I think this is an easier way to distribute it.

Installation and Requirements



Right now, this package only supports the clog distribution available for Mac. There are other distributions available.

Node & npm

This is distributed as an npm package (some say that stands for "Node Package Manager"). So you must have Node.js (or io.js) and npm installed.

Here are quick instructions on how to get those:

Congratulations, you've opened your life to a whole new world of awesome tooling and other cool things :-)


Install this tool via npm: $ npm install -g clog-cli


In your terminal, simply type clog --help to get output of the options available.

See the official clog website for documentation on how to use clog.

Here's the output when you type clog:

clog v0.7.0
a conventional changelog for the rest of us


        --from-latest-tag    use latest tag as start (instead of --from)
    -h, --help               Prints help information
        --major              Increment major version by one (Sets minor and patch to 0)
        --minor              Increment minor version by one (Sets patch to 0)
        --patch              Increment patch version by one
    -v, --version            Prints version information

        --from <from>                    e.g. 12a8546
    -o, --outfile <outfile>              Where to write the changelog (Defaults to '')
    -r, --repository <repository>        e.g.
        --link-style <style>             The style of repository link to generate, defaults to github [values: Github, Gitlab, Stash]
        --subtitle <subtitle>            e.g. crazy-release-title
        --to <to>                        e.g. 8057684 (Defaults to HEAD when omitted)
        --setversion <ver>               e.g. 1.0.1


Both this package and the clog tool itself are MIT licensed.

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